Twist Stepper With Handlebars: Working Your Core and Lower Body!

Sunny Health & Fitness NO. 059 Twist Stepper Step Machine w/Handle Bar and LCD Monitor

The  Sunny Health and Fitness Twist Stepper with Handlebars is a portable step machine that works both your core and lower body for a better workout.

A twist stepper takes the kind of workout you can get from a stepper and adds a new ‘twist.’ This twist has inherent benefits on its own.  It is a great choice for a cardiovascular work without putting too much stress or pressure on your joints.

 But can it twist you into shape?

Continue reading to determine if this type of exercise equipment is right for you?


What Is A Twist Stepper Step Machine?


Twist steppers take traditional steppers machines a bit further. While steppers can provide an excellent workout for your entire lower body while giving you a complete cardiovascular workout, a twist stepper adds a ‘twist’ to things.

Because it forces your body to engage in a twist motion, it actively engages your core section along with the outer portion of your legs.

As a result, it takes the workout you would routinely get from a stepper which is already a highly effective workout and

allows you to engage more muscles and burn more calories from it.

As with most products from Sunny Health & Fitness, it is very competitively priced. 

Let's start by looking at the Sunny Health Fitness No.059 Twist Stepper Step Machine in action! 

How To Use A Twist Stepper?

Just Climb!

This step machine is a very straight-forward exercise machine. Ideally, you want to use it while standing fully erect.

All you need to do to begin is step on the machine and begin stepping.

While it may take some time to get accustomed to having to balance your body during the exercise, once you get your balance down, the machine does most of the work for you.

twist stepper no 59

Due to the fact the No. 059 stepping machine comes with built-in non-slip handlebars, you will be able to maintain balance without having to worry about falling.

The action of the machine will force you to twist as you are stepping to engage your core muscles.

What Are Key Features Of The Twist Stepper Step Machine?

twister stepper no 59 with handlebars

This type of product is designed to offer an optimized workout for your entire body including areas that don’t get high levels of engagement due to leading a sedentary lifestyle.

The machine is simplistic in nature, yet highly effective. The design is very basic and easy to get accustomed to.

Here are some of the key features to be aware of in a twist stepper.

Twist Stepper Design

Heavy Duty Construction  - One of the biggest worries, whenever someone is looking to buy any type of home fitness equipment, would be the durability it offers. It should alleviate your concerns to know that Sunny Health and Fitness designed this stair stepper to be highly durable as it features heavy-duty construction and build-quality.

The entire product features a heavy-duty steel frame that has a max weight capacity of 250 pounds. Meaning, you should be able to use this product on a daily basis for years without worrying about the materials failing.

twist stepper nonslip pedals

Non Slip Pedals - This stepper features oversized foot pedals that feature a textured and non-slip grip to ensure that whoever is working out is going to be able to workout safely and effectively.

Having a textured grip can maximize your ability to achieve the highest level of intensity with your workouts without having to worry about slipping.

twist stepper handlebars

Non-Slip Handlebars - This product features non-slip handlebars for those just getting started with the machine. Not everyone is going to be able to step on the machine and work out like they’ve been using it for years.

The non-slip handlebars will give you the confidence you need to get in an intense workout without worrying about falling over due to having a lack of balance.

Compact Design The twister stepper is meant to be small enough to effectively fit right in the corner of any room.

No more worrying about having large exercise equipment taking up all of your available space just to get in an effective workout at home. The product itself is only (19 x 17-inch).

Onboard Compute And Monitor

twist stepper digital lcd monitor

This is a very welcome feature that you will find on the No. 59 model.

This stair stepper comes with an onboard LCD computer that will tell you everything you want to know about your workouts from the total elapsed time to the number of calories burned and even how many total steps you’ve taken.

This alone makes it much easier to keep track of your progress and to track or journal your workout history to ensure that you are operating at a caloric deficit if you are on a diet. Having all of this information readily available is a must for highly effective home workout equipment.

Being able to monitor the progress of each and every workout will ensure you maintain motivation and continue towards your ultimate fitness goals. 

Adjustable Stepping Height

twist stepper adjustable resistance

Adjustable Stepping Height - Whether your are short or tall, the height of the handlebars is adjustable to adapt to all sizes. 


This machine is around 20 pounds in total. The product dimensions are (17.5L X 18W X 50.5H Inches). The machine is capable of holding up to 250 pounds maximum.

It features dual hydraulic cylinders for its quiet operation. The machine is made up of heavy-duty steel.

Twist Stepper No. 059 vs No. 045 vs P8000

twist stepper no 59
using a stepper machine
pink twist stepper

The company offers a variety of twist steppers based on the features. The primary difference is the base stepper with handlebars, resistance bands or neither.  My favorite alternative to the No 059  is the shocking Pink Mini Stepper P8000. 

Why do you ask? IT'S PINK!!!

Other differences are listed below:

  • No. 45 does not feature built-in handlebars. This can make it less convenient and less accessible for newer users with poor balance.
  • No. 59 is not inherently designed to be used along with resistance bands. However, you can work your way into using them if needed.
  • No. 59 is much taller because of its included and built-in handlebars. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of A Step Twister? 


  • Twist Action  can effectively activate muscles in both the inner and outer thighs
  • Max Weight Capacity is only 250 pounds
  • LCD Display monitors the progress of each and every workout
  • More Resistance levels would make workouts even more difficult
  • Easy Operation                                                                    

  • Complete Workout that engage a lot of muscles that you rarely use.                                                                
  • Durable Construction with a low center of gravity and is made up of heavy-duty steel                           
  • Portable and Compact even with the handlebars

What Are People Saying About the Twist Stepper?

- It’s a powerhouse piece of equipment for those with minimal space.

- The product is extremely easy to assemble.

- It provides an awesome workout and it’s affordable.

- "Heavy-duty steel construction to stand the test of time."

Who Does A Twister Stepper Step Machine Benefit?

This is the perfect piece of equipment that you should be actively considering if you are someone who lives in a place with minimal space.

The machine itself is very compact and it can be stored easily. Along with this, anyone who is looking for equipment that can provide a total body workout would benefit from using a twist stepper.

If you are looking to get a high-quality cardio workout along with a strenuous core workout, a twist stepper should be at the top of your list.

Sunny Health Fitness Brand - Quality

The Sunny Health Fitness Brand is a popular one with a positive reputation.  It is an international company whose headquarters is located in Los Angeles.

Although they do not manufacture products directly, they provide quality equipment at very competitive prices from third party manufacturers.


How Difficult Is It To Balance - Could You Fall?

While a traditional twist stepper does provide a challenge to those with poor balance, this model completely removes the obstacle.

 It comes with easily adjustable non-slip handlebars so people can get intense workouts in without having to worry about falling.

What Is the Maximum Weight Limit?

The maximum weight limit for this equipment is 250 pounds.

Will It Count Steps?

Yes, the digital LCD computer included will count your total steps.

Can You Step In Reverse?

No, you cannot step in reverse.

Is It Noisy?

Due to the hydraulic cylinder, the equipment is not noisy at all in its operation.

Final Verdict - Is A Twist Stepper Step Machine Worth It?

The answer is a resounding yes. There is no doubt a twist stepper is a great investment as long as it suits your style of workout. It can provide a very high-quality cardiovascular workout that can target both your legs and your midsection.

If that sounds appealing to you, it is a very good investment considering how affordable it is.

For more information about step machines, read Best Stair Stepper Machine For Home Use.

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