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You have heard that saying, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.  Even when we were kids, our parents, doctors and even our teachers have been telling us about the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

It makes sense, since fruits and veggies are vital sources of key vitamins and minerals the body needs to function. In some cases, these foods are the only source of these nutrients available.

As amazing as fruits and vegetables are, the sad fact is that 9 out of 10 people in America don’t eat enough of them. Depriving your body of these essential components can lead to a slew of health complications, including heart disease, memory loss, and even cancer.

We know that obesity is rampant in the United States from unhealthy diets.  But obesity is on the rise all over the world, even in some countries where traditionally weight problems were rare, like Scandinavian countries for example.

Juicing is KEY


Thankfully, there’s an incredibly easy method to work these foods into your diet in a way where you’ll actually enjoy them: juicing. It’s quick, simple and turns even the scariest of vegetables (like kale and broccoli) into a tasty treat that’s not just good, but good for you.

Did you know that only one glass of fruits and vegetables provides you all of your daily requirements – simply, quickly, and conveniently!

Over a pound of fresh produce can be obtained with just one cup of a fresh juice or smoothie.

Did you know that the USDA the serving size to only be one half a cup?. Getting your recommended daily amounts is super easy with just one smoothie.

The Benefits of  Juicing

• Get all your minimum daily requirements of fruits and veggies quickly, easily, and conveniently.
• With just a blender, you can make nutritious juices at your home or even at your office.
• Get more fresh nutrients than store bought that can contain preservatives and added sugars.
• Get more nutrients than you will find in most supplements.
• Prevent and even cure many diseases.

Here are  5 tips to make the most of your juicing

1.  Make a commitment to juicing and stick to it, this can be tricky if you are not used to the practice but with time, dedication and regular use it can become so deeply embedded that it will simply be something you won’t want to live without. It can take several weeks to form a solid juicing habit, so stick with it and make sure to juice regularly.

2. Buy a quality juicer – many vegetables, like beets and carrots, are actually quite difficult to pulverize properly, and cheap juicers will not do the job. Buying a juicer that is powerful enough to pulverize efficiently and rapidly is one of the keys to buying a great juicer. If you plan to juice a lot of hard vegetables, your best choice is a centrifugal juicer.

3. Keep a produce shopping list to stay organized and have all the ingredients you need at hand when you want to juice.

4. Always wash produce thoroughly to eliminate all dirt particles, and some of the pesticides when not buying organic produce. This is especially important with leafy greens where dirt hides between the leaves.

5. Drink more green juice. Green juice is juice made mostly from dark leafy greens, such as kale, broccoli, and spinach, but can also include celery, cabbage, broccoli, and apples. Green juice is your best choice in a highly nutrient rich and low sugar drink.

I discovered a neat book that is filled with over 250 great recipes.  It is in its 6th edition so people are enjoying the value: Ultimate Juicing & Smoothie Recipes & Tips – 6th Edition


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