Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Exercise Bike Review – Recumbent AND Upright Bike?

 BulbHead As Seen On TV Slim Cycle Stationary Bike, Most Comfortable Exercise Machine, Thick, Extra-Wide Seat & Back Support Cushion, Recline or Upright Position, Twice The Results in Half The Time

When it comes to innovative, new-age machines, the BulbHead Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Exercise Bike has to be right up there with the best. This is a wonderful idea that combines the functionality of both an upright and recumbent bike into one machine.

To better understand what the Slim Cycle Exercise Bike  is all about, how it works, and whether or not it is a good fit for your needs, here is a detailed review of this portable exercise bike.


About The BulbHead Brand

BulbHead home for bright ideas

For over two decades, TeleBrands has long been known for being innovative, unique, and setting a high standard on new-age products.

In 2015, CEO AJ Khubani decided it was time to create an all-in-one brand for bright ideas. This brand would be none other than the now renowned BulbHead. Its trademark is "The Home For Bright Ideas."

Since then, the company has continued to expand its broad retail distribution and is now hosting multiple high-grade products that "make life easier" including the Slim Cycle.

What is a Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Exercise Bike?


The Slim Cycle 2 For 1 Fitness Bike is actually a "2 in 1"  in 2 different ways.

First, it combines a full cardio workout with arm resistance strength training. Secondly, the seat moves so that it transforms from an upright to recumbent bicycle.  

Why pay for 2 machines?

Let's take a look at the Slim Cycle Exercise Bike in action!

What Are The Key Features of the Slim Cycle Portable Exercise Bike?

slim cycle
Slim Cycle Features

What makes this as seen on TV bike special?  Besides the fact that it is an upright bike as well as a  recumbent bike, the key features include:

- Dual Position Seating

The Slim Cycle offers access to multiple seating positions for those wanting to hit their muscles from different angles.

To do this, the adjustable seat can easily be moved to a recumbent or upright position. This is ideal for those wanting to maximize their workout potential, target different muscles, and continue to get fitter with each passing day.

When it comes to improving your performance, the dual position setup is a major plus point for modern users.

- Built-in Resistance Bands

slim cycle resistance bands

The real charm behind this machine and all that it has to offer is seen through the built-in resistance bands.

These upper body resistance bands offer a good amount of weight when it is time to work out your arms.

If the goal is to get stronger and fitter than these resistance bands offer full value from day one.

They are also designed to hit the muscle from different angles and can be adjusted for resistance.

- Adjustable Resistance
The resistance settings are perfect for those serious about getting stronger with each passing day. There are 8 levels.

Rather than mastering one level, users can easily toggle between different resistance settings until they are satisfied with everything.

slim cycle resistance
slim cycle heart rate monitor

- Large Digital Display 

The digital display is attractive and something that is going to appeal to you right away.

 As soon as a person sits down to work out, they are welcomed by a well-sized digital display that offers a long list of settings to choose from.

- Foldable Design 

Don't want to have the Slim Cycle lying around all the time? Want to make sure it is out of the way and stored where it needs to be?

This is a major requirement for the average person especially when it comes to living in an apartment or small house. If that is your requirement, you are going with a foldable exercise bike that takes seconds to store away.

As soon as you are done the workout, fold the machine, and put it wherever you want it to be. The footprint is small and that's what makes it such a compact, well-designed solution for smaller spaces.

slim cycle foldable design
slim cycle seat cushion

- Comfortable Seat and Back Rest

The seat is comfortable.  It is a plush 2.5" cushion and the back rest is made from thick memory foam.

- Low Noise Level

Slim Cycle boasts of being completely silent.  In fact, most customers are surprised at how quiet the machine is.

- 10 Free Workout Classes

You can download 10 FREE Workout Classes using the Free Slim Cycle App from Echelon Fit. The 10 free classes are your forever. Echelon Fit gives you access to thousands of classes after a free 30 day trial if you wish.

- Specifications

The dimensions are 42" x 21.5" x 43". inches making it compact enough for even small spaces. This is truly a slim cycle.

Although it weighs 39 pounds, it comes with transport wheels for easy portability.  It adjusts for heights from 4'11" to 6'4" and up to 300 pounds. 

Who Should Buy a Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Exercise Bike?

Slim Cycle

The truth is that ANYBODY can benefit from using this product. It is perfect for beginners, intermediates, and experienced users.

It offers a well-rounded workout experience due to the beautiful blend of cardiovascular and strength-based options. Whether it is pedaling as fast as you can or working on toning the arms using built-in resistance bands, this machine does both things well.

If you are someone that doesn't have a lot of time to rotate between multiple machines or don't want to overspend on gym equipment, this is a wonderful starting point for your home gym setup.

What Are the Pros and Cons of A Slim Cycle Stationary Bike? 

In addition to the features already mentioned, here are the Slim Cycle Pros and Cons to the exercise bike you might like.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Average User Manual
  • Quiet Operation
  • Compact Design                                                           
  • Gorgeous Digital Display                                                                  
  • Multiple Seating Positions                     
  • Ideal for Multi-Jointed Movements and Cardio
  • Built to Last

What Are Other Customers Saying?

There are mostly positive Slim Cycle customer reviews when it comes to what the product is all about and why it stands out as a legitimate option for home.

The foldable design, easy-going resistance settings, and overall build quality ensure users feel good about their setup.

The Slim Cycle is also appreciated for its beautiful display monitor, which highlights relevant information about the machine and its settings.

While this is a power-packed option that offers a long list of advantages, it comes in separate parts, which become tedious to put together after a while.


Will the Slim Cycle Fit in an Apartment?

Yes, the Slim Cycle is easily going to fit into any apartment as it is only measured at 46" x 20" x 38". Plus, the machine is easy to fold and can be stored away once you are done using it.

This is an ideal option for those looking to work out inside an apartment or want to have an all-in-one machine for their workout sessions.

Is the Assembly Time-Consuming?

The assembly can be time-consuming since there are multiple parts that can take a while to put together. In general, this is going to take at least 30-50 minutes to assemble.

All of the parts are included in the box.

Is the Slim Cycle Portable?

The Slim Cycle is portable and can be folded in a matter of seconds. The easy-going folding mechanism is what makes the machine such an empowering solution for those on the go all the time.

Rather than having to lug around a heavy machine, this doesn't take long to manage and will easy set up in a new room right away.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Using the Slim Cycle?

The number of calories a person will burn during the workout is going to vary depending on the resistance settings. In general, the average person will burn at least 8-10 calories per minute using this workout machine. As the resistance increases, the more calories a person will burn.

What Muscles Does the Slim Cycle Target?

The Slim Cycle targets multiple muscles at the same time and that is what makes it unique.

Along with putting your heart, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quads to the test due to its pedals, you also get to work your arms, shoulders, and back using the resistance bands.

This is a wonderful, multi-position option for those who want to put their full body to the work.

Final Verdict - Should You Buy A Slim Cycle Exercise Bike?

 This is one of those options that are a must-have when it comes to your home gym.  Why pay for 2 when you can get 2 in 1?

Whether it's the sleek design, foldable setup, or the built-in resistance bands, you are getting the best of everything here and that's what makes it special.

Instead of investing in multiple machines and hoping for the best, you get a high-grade option designed by Bulbhead. This is a trusted product that is an easy addition to any type of home gym.

If the goal is to get something that will fit in right away, you cannot go wrong with the Slim Cycle Exercise Bike and the Slim Cycle cost is just right!

Where can I buy the Slim Cycle? On Amazon!  Check out the slimming cycle price below!

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