MoonRun Home Cardio Trainer Review: Is This Device Right For You?

It can be difficult to find in-home workout equipment that works for you. The MoonRun Home Cardio Trainer may be just what you need.

A stationary bike may have rave reviews, but that doesn't mean you'll have a place to store it.

Running on a treadmill will help you burn calories, but it could also wind up damaging your knees. 

The MoonRun Trainer is a device that tries to answer those concerns. If you're considering bringing this equipment into your home, here's what you should know.

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What Is A MoonRun Home Cardio Trainer?


This is a portable cardio trainer that's designed to deliver an intense aerobic training experience in the comfort of your own home.

It's a small, lightweight abdominal bar that can easily be stored when it's not in use. The system is designed to provide a total body workout. It's essentially a combination of a suspension and cardio trainer.

The concept is actually quite simple.  The trainer attaches to your waist and comes with arm straps that you use like resistance bands.  You can run, jump, and stretch with this device.  

Sensors in the waist band records your moves and you literally become an avatar in a virtual running app.

Let's see the MoonRun Home Cardio Trainer in action!

What Are The MoonRun Cardio Trainer Key Features?

This device may be small and lightweight, but it offers an impressive range of features.

MoonRun features

* 50+ customizable workouts
* Washable body pads
* Bluetooth functionality
* Workout app with virtual coaching
* Multiple anchoring options
* Portability
* Connects with most workout apps
* Built-in metrics tracking
* Premium carry bag
* Ergonomic arm handles

Everything you need to get started is included.

MoonRun Trainer Benefits

The Moonrun Cardio Trainer offers the same benefits you'd get from heavy-duty workout equipment, but it doesn't take up the same amount of space. 

It weighs under 4 pounds and can be set up in a matter of minutes, which means you can easily bring it with you to the office or when you're traveling.

1. Full Body Workout

Even though this device is small, it's able to exercise the entire body, including the arms, chest, abs, and glutes.

The device can be placed against your abdomen or behind you, allowing you to exercise in many different ways.​

It can easily be connected to a wall hook, hinged door, or beam so that you'll have all the support that you need.

2. Reduced Body Effect and Low Impact Cardio

Because of the trainer's unusual design, it can reduce the impact of your own bodyweight.

While running and jumping can normally put a lot of strain on your knees, this device allows users to exercise without straining their bodies. 

The device is designed to give users a reduced body weight effect, which means they can push themselves harder and longer, hence the name "Moonrun."

3. Portable

Because the device only weighs 4 pounds, you are able to travel with it.  ​

It's small enough to fit into a backpack and be taken virtually everywhere. 

4. Takes Up Less Space

Ellipticals and treadmills can provide amazing cardio workouts, but they also take up a lot of floor space.

This system is small enough to be tucked in a drawer when it's not in use, which means it will barely take up any space at all. 

MoonRun Takes Up Less Space

5. Easy To Set-Up

MoonRun is Portable

The set-up takes less than 60 seconds.  Just hang on a door, post, window.

Just hang over a hinged door with a lock, a wall hook, wall ladder or pole.

6. Tracks Your Movements

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the device can wirelessly connect to both Smart TVs and mobile apps.

 It's able to capture your moves and provide you with accurate metrics.

Some apps will even allow you to see a virtual avatar that mimics your workouts as you workout. 

This app is fully compatible with running apps like Zwift and Strava, but it also has its own proprietary app. 

7. Motivational Apps

What really makes this training system standout is that it provides you with motivating virtual workouts that you can follow along with.

Pros and Cons of  MoonRun Trainer

Like any piece of home workout equipment, the MoonRun Cardio Trainer has benefits and drawbacks.

It's a good idea to look closely at the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is right for you.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Can be used with many workout apps
  • Exercises the entire body
  • Offers a low impact workout
  • Can easily be stored when not in use
  • Offers virtual coaching
  • Can be used in many different ways
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with many different accessories
  • Provides an immersive in-home training experience
  • Low price point makes this an affordable option


  • Can only support up to 350 pounds of weight
  • Abdominal workouts are not safe for pregnant women
  • Elastic bands may need to be replaced

It's clear that this device isn't suitable for all users, but the advantages that this offers are hard to ignore. Its versatility and incredible price point make it one of the best options on the market today.

Who Should Buy A MoonRun Trainer?

Meet the MoonRun

Not everyone has the same fitness needs, which is why it's important to take your own fitness needs into account when you're investing in workout equipment.

This product is ideal for people who:

  • want to workout at home but have limited space
  • who travel and want workout equipment that can travel with them
  • want a low impact workout
  • who enjoy want a safe cardio workout

When considering who this equipment is for, it's also important to consider who it's not for.

If you're pregnant or are trying to conceive, you can't place this device against your abdomen. However, you can still place it behind you for cardio workouts.

Furthermore, it can only support 350 pounds of weight. Anyone above this limit will want to seek out equipment that they can use safely.

What Are Customers Saying About The MoonRun Cardio Machine?

The reviews for this home trainer have been overwhelmingly positive.

Customers say that it's ideal for low-impact workouts. Because the device can create a reduced bodyweight effect, it's possible to get in an aerobic workout even when you're recovering from an injury.

Customers also have great things to say about the app and the variety of workouts that it offers.  Virtually anyone can create a workout routine that's right for them. ​

With that said, the feedback for this advice isn't entirely positive. Several users have stressed that it's important to read through all of the instructions that the device comes with. People that didn't read the instructions ahead of time reported sore calf muscles.

As long as you're willing to look at the instructions, it's likely that you'll have a positive experience with this device.

Most buyers seem to feel like they got a good value for the money they spent.


Is It A Cardio Or Suspension Trainer?

This device is a combination of both.  You can perform all types of aerobic exercises with it.  Additionally, there are more than 50 resistance training exercises that can be performed as well.

Which Running Apps Does Is Support?

MoonRun has its own fitness app.  It compatible many other apps including Zwift Running, BitFit,  Arcade Fitness, KinoMap, and RunSocial to name a few.

What Is The Maximum Weight That Can Be Used On It?

This device supports up to 350 pounds.  If you weigh over 200 pounds, you should purchase the optional heavy elastic bands.

What Is The Setup Process For The MoonRun At Home?

The best ways to anchor the product are on a:

  • A window or post
  • A door with a hinge that can be locked
  • A hammock hook

How Does MoonRunning Compare To Running Outside?

Although it looks as though you are running in place, you feel as though  you are running outside.  This is  particularly true when you are running with multimedia applications.

Final Verdict - Is The MoonRun Home Cardio Trainer A Buy?

thumbs up

It can be hard to exercise at home when you don't have the equipment that you need. Unfortunately, not everyone has the space for a home gym.​

If you're struggling with a lack of space, but you still want to be able to get in an intense cardio workout, the Moonrun Cardio Trainer is ideal for you.

This device is also a fantastic option for people that are concerned about putting too much strain on their joints.

It might not be possible to workout on the moon, but this device can help you feel like you're exercising in a low-gravity environment.  Whether you're running, jumping, or stretching, this device will make you feel like you're weightless.

When partnered with the right exercise apps, the Moonrun can deliver a workout that's unlike anything else.

 It's easy to see why this lightweight and simple-to-use product has been such a big hit with customers.

It offers all of the perks of home workout equipment without the drawbacks.

For additional information on Home Gym Equipment, visit Home Fitness Focus Types Of  Home Gym Equipment.

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