Maxi Climber Reviews: Can You Climb Your Way To Fitness?

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You get exercise equipment, then you get equipment like a quality vertical climber. These bad boys can make a fit person sweat in 10 minutes or less, and it is why they are so popular for home and public gyms.

The Maxi Climber Reviews are in and given that you are expecting the cardio body workout of your life, the quality of the machine needs to support your determination.


Of course, there are many different choices for you to browse through, and one that might catch your eye is the MaxiClimber. With a positive and steady user rating, more and more of these specific models are finding their way into homes across the country. But why?

In this detailed Maxi Climber review (MaxiClimber review), we'll be taking an objective look at whether this vertical climber is really worth the fuss and whether or not it is right for you.

And here is a quick breakdown of what the review will entail:

What Is A  MaxiClimber?


First off, you have to ask yourself - are you ready to climb a hill? Because that is what an intense session on a quality vertical climber should feel like. It works all the muscles in the body and leaves you feeling more than just a little productive.

However, it doesn't have to be an intense workout every time if you are using the right piece of equipment.

The MaxiClimber lets you comfortably simulate the motions a climber would go through, but without the thrill and danger of plunging to your doom. Instead, you are climbing your way to a higher quality of life.

This particular vertical climber exercise machine is popular for its versatility, meaning it doesn't matter how old, tall, or unfit you are, you can benefit from this machine.

It's your choice whether you want to use your arms as well as your legs, or you can just switch to your legs if you don't feel particularly energized for a session.

But the biggest selling point for the climber is how effectively it burns calories and fat in a shorter amount of time compared to a stair climber or treadmill, which is discussed a little later in the review. What you have to know right now is that a vertical climber like MaxiClimber falls into the league of other full-body cardio equipment like rowing machines.

Let's take a look at the Maxi Climber Vertical Climber in action!

How Is The MaxiClimber Used?

Just Climb!

Getting on the climber is a straightforward process of grabbing on the stationary handles on the sides and putting one foot on the lowest pedal.

 Yes, always step on the lowest pedal first before stepping onto the next one. 

Once both your feet and hands are where they should be, bring your feet to an even balance and adjust the handles to meet the height of your shoulders. Consider this your starting point and where you gain all the control . 

What Are The Most Attractive Features?

The Maxi Climber was actually the first vertical climber on the market.

maxi climber features

Amazon categorizes climbers as step machines. As a results, it is equipped with the desirable features needed in a stepper as well those unique to a climber. 

One key feature is the easy assembly. Click on the video to see how easy it is to install.

MaxiClimber Features

- It Is Versatile

Even though you are not able to set the tension level, you can adjust the stride length. This helps you to target specific areas, like the glutes, for example. Simply make the strides shorter and your glutes will definitely feel the difference. As mentioned, both the upper and lower body will get the necessary attention, and this is a good way to strengthen your core.

- No Pressure On Joints

An issue that is very common with exercise equipment would be the impact they have on joints, especially if you are nursing an injury or old-age is getting the better of you. You want to minimize the pressure on your joints if possible, and the MaxiClimber adheres to this rule. Your feet never leave the pedals, so there won't be any pressure to worry about.

- Effective Workout

When compared to a treadmill, the MaxiClimb can help you burn about 200% more calories within the same time, so you are definitely getting a workout.

- Perfect For Rehabilitation

As mentioned, if you are nursing an injury and you have to ease back into exercise, the MaxiClimb can serve a valuable purpose.

- Impressive Design

Not all vertical climbers are designed equal, and the MaxiClimber doesn't disappoint. You are looking at a solid steel frame, designed for optimal alignment during the workout, and even the isometric non-stick grips are angled to provide a solid upper-body exercise.

- Light And Easy To Store

Another element of the designs speaks to the weight and storage of the MaxiClimber. At only 33 pounds, it folds up and slides under the bed or in the closet without taking much space.

- Competitive Price

When compared to other home-based cardio machines, this particular model holds an impressive and definitely competitive price point.

- Height Adjustment

There are no less than 5 height adjustments to ensure you get the settings of the climber just right.

- Low-Noise Functionality

You don't have to worry about bothering anyone around you when you step onto the MaxiClimber. It is well-known for giving a quiet and effective workout.

- Built-In Timer

To help you keep track, a timer is part of the package. 

What Are the Differences Vertical Climber vs Stair Climber vs Treadmill?

maxi climber features 2

Comparing a vertical climber with a stair climber or treadmill wouldn't really be fair.

Seeing as a vertical climber gives you a full-body workout and the stair climber or treadmill only places focus on your legs, it's more a matter of personal taste and what you want to achieve from your workout session.

According to a study conducted at the Detaug Testing Center of Exercise Science, the MaxiClimber can burn twice the calories per hour of exercise than a treadmill.

Tips To Maximize Your MaxiClimber Workout

maxi climber 3
maxi climber 2
maxi climber 1

Ultimately, you want to pay attention to your technique and pacing yourself. Because doing an exercise with the right technique, even with something like the MaxiClimber, really maximizes what you put in.

At the same time, pace yourself. You'll be surprised at what 20-minutes can do, and you need to give your body time to rest properly in-between sessions. Otherwise, you are going to burn yourself out and just end up hurting yourself. 

Like the pictures indicate, you can tone all muscle groups including buttocks, legs, arms and core. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of A Vertical Climber? 

Apart from the features already mentioned, there are other pros to investing in the MaxiClimber. They are:


  • Arrives partially assembled
  • Due to the studded pedals, you need to wear shoes when you use the climber
  • Quiet
  • It has a max weight capacity of 240 pounds
  • Maxi diet and exercise plan included                                                            
  • You can't keep your eye on the timer during the exercise, only after and before you start
  • Bonus companion fitness app                                                                       
  • While the MaxiClimber isn't the type of climber that typically wobbles, it is possible if the surface isn't right or if you use bad posture during the workout
  • Provides low impact workout                          
  • No resistance levels to adjust                              
  • Portable

What Are Customers Saying?

On customer succinctly summarizes - Simple, steady, works!

It's a beast of a machine!

Hardest workout machine I've used!

Pictured are results using the machine from company website.

maxi climber success story

Who Should Use The MaxiClimber?

Given the versatility and safety, anyone in any shape can take a look at the MaxiClimber. Whether you have been running for the last 10-years or just started last week, this vertical climber can add to your routine.  It is for beginners as well as those who exercise frequently.

The weight limit is 240 pounds, so you should not use the Maxi Climber if you weigh more than 240 pounds.

For serious body-builders who want to get rid of fat, the lack of resistance levels and weight limit might hinder your journey towards bigger muscles.


What Is the Maximum Weight Capacity?

The machine supports up to 240 pounds.

Can You Adjust the Tension?

No, there is no need to adjust the tension.  You are using your own body weight.

What Muscles Can You Target?

You will feel the burn in your calves, legs, arms, and thighs.  It works the lower body, core and upper body muscle groups.

How Difficult Is the Assembly?

The assembly is easy as demonstrated in the video above.  It comes 90% pre-assembled. One customers reports assembling the climber in 15 minutes.

How Much Noise Does It Make?

It makes very little noise.

Is It Hard To Balance on the Climber?

No.  But be sure to set up on a flat surface and do not place on top of a rug that could move.

Final Verdict - Is A MaxiClimber Worth It?

The Maxi Climber reviews are in.  This is an Amazon Choice award winner.  There are more than 2,450 customer reviews.  There are, however, negative reviews relating to the rollers. Some are due to improper usage.

In most cases, the company's customer support followed up to resolve any issues.  Most people love the machine and the workout.

Overall, the MaxiClimber is a durable and sturdy vertical climber that will have you sweating without any glitches and can get you to a level of fitness where you definitely notice a significant difference.

For more information on step machines, read Best Stair Stepper Machine Review.

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