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It won't be wrong to say that a treadmill is one of the most popular exercise equipment for home use. It is affordable, easy to use and there are a number of different manufacturers with a variety of models to choose from.

 Also, it allows users with busy schedules to stay fit without taking a trip to the gym. No products found..

In a hurray?

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Who Makes Lifespan Treadmills?

Lifespan brand was introduced in the market in 2001. They are known for delivering high quality products at great prices. In addition to treadmills, they also manufacture rowers, bikes, activity trackers and a number of accessories.

One of the most unique things about this brand is that their treadmills are exceptional space savers. They have also won a lot of awards over the years for delivering high-quality products at a great price.

Overview of Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

lifespan tr1200i folding treadmill folded

The Lifespan TR1200i is one of the most popular models launched by the company. It is an old model but it has been given a face lift which means that it not only looks great but has all the modern features one desires in a treadmill.

It is a folding treadmill that provides optimum power with a 2.5 hp motor. It has spacious running surface that makes it comfortable to use.

This treadmill can support up to 200 pounds and the biomechanically correct deck suspension system ensures that you can keep running without any risk of injury.  (from the company website)

While it is true that you will have to shell out some money to get this machine, it will be money well spent.

Lifespan has been consistently rated as one of the best brands in the treadmill industry. They use quality components and do not cut corners to bring down the price of their treadmills. Also, they are very well known for high quality customer service. In simple terms, it can be said that when you buy a Lifespan treadmill, you are buying a machine that will keep you fit and healthy for a number of years to come.

What Are the Key Features of Lifespan TR 1200i?

Let's look at the top features that this model has to offer.  The most popular ones are listed below:



One of most unique features about this treadmill is that is easy to fold and unfold. It is equipped with EZfold technology. In this machine, a hydraulic shock will assist you in folding as well as unfolding the treadmill. You just need to lift the deck of the machine to fold it. When you unfold the machine, the soft stop system ensures that you do not experience any sudden shock.

Easy Assembly

The bottom part of the machine comes assembled and you only need to attach the upright arms to the bottom section. After attaching the arms, you need to fix handles to the arm and attach the Control Panel. It is extremely easy to assemble and will take one person around 60 to 90 min. All the tools needed to assemble the treadmill are included in the package.


There are a total of 8 suspension units in this machine that readily absorb the impact of your feet even at full speed. The risk of injury is one of the biggest issues while running on a treadmill and 8 suspension units in the deck minimize the risk of injury and joint pain.

Heart Rate Monitoring

With heart rate programs, you can set the target heart rate on the console and machine will automatically adjust the incline and speed to help you achieve your goals.

Patented Features

This machine uses a number of exclusive patented features that are available only in LifeSpan products. It comes with patented step counting ability that counts steps like a pedometer making it one of the most accurate steps counting treadmill available on the market today.

It also has the patented feature Intelli-Guard that ensures user protection by stopping the belt 20 seconds after no activity is detected on the treadmill deck.


Running Surface

It has a generous running surface of 20 x 56 inches. You will find it comfortable to use even if you are about 6 feet tall. Users who are taller than 6 feet may find it difficult to keep a long stride on the running surface. This machine comes with a very comfortable suspension system that provides adequate support.


This machine has dimensions of 70.25 x 33 x 55 inches. The folded dimensions are 39 x 33 x 63 inches.


The 2.5 HP motor packs in a lot of power. The motor also comes with lifetime guarantee.

Weight Capacity

This machine is capable of supporting up to 200 pounds of user weight.  It weights 197 pounds.

Incline and Speed

A total of 15 incline levels are available and it is motorized. As far as the speed is concerned, you can vary the speed from 0.5 to 11 mph.


The running platform is ¾ inches thick and uses a two ply belt. As far as maintaining the running surface is concerned, it is extremely easy to maintain. You just need to apply a small quantity of silicon lubricant on a regular basis under the belt to keep it running well.

Console Display

lifespan tr1200i color folding treadmill console


As mentioned previously, this model has received a facelift and this change is most obvious in the design of the console. This is a modern looking display that is intuitive to use. This easy to read console shows you everything you want to see.

The console has soft touch keys. The  display shows you calories burned, distance travelled, heart rate, number of steps, speed, incline level and total time. The handholds on the machine are used for monitoring heart rate. You can also use a chest strap to monitor your heart rate.


This machine comes with a total of 19 preset programs and 2 customized user programs. There are 7 sports training programs, 5 healthy living programs and 5 weight programs along with 2 heart rate programs. You won’t get bored easily and you will always have a lot of options to choose from.

All the exercise programs have been designed by exercises physiologists to ensure that the exercises are safe and effective for the users. These exercise programs will not only help in improving your cardiovascular health but will also help you in burning fat.

Easy Startup

tr1200i workout screens

Workout Screens

Get moving quickly with the effortless startup dashboard. The improved console is now a dashboard with multiple ways to view your workout statistics. The view is in full color and is 7 inches.

With built-in Bluetooth, you can sync your workout results to your favorite smartphone apps.

Who Does The TR1200i Benefit?

tr1200i color folding treadmill

You can use this treadmill for running, jogging or walking. It has a top speed of 11 mph which means you can do all kinds of workout on this machine. This is perfect for residential use as you can easily fold and unfold it. Also, the machine uses 8 compression units which make sure that you won't get injured while working out.

The console on the machine allows you to track a lot of things to help you reach your fitness goals. Overall, this machine is perfect for everyone who wants to have a modern treadmill with useful features at an affordable price.

What Are The PROS and CONS of the TR1200I?


  • Easy to assemble and all the tools required to assemble are supplied with the product
  • Belt size makes sure that users can use it comfortably
  • Comes with 15 inclined positions and speed can be varied from 0.5 to 11 mph
  • Comes with a patented safety feature that stops the machine 20 seconds after no activity is detected
  • Transport wheels for easy mobility and storage
  • Made from high quality materials and will last a long time
  • 8 compression shock absorbers make sure that you won't get injured while using this treadmill
  • Extremely easy to fold and unfold


  • Does not come with a built-in fan

Final Verdict - Is the Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill Worth The Price?

The brand LifeSpan is known for delivering high-quality products. High quality components used in the machine will ensure that it will serve for a number of years. The frame has lifetime warranty and this machine also allows you to keep track of your fitness performance by uploading it to your online fitness club account. It comes with a variety of preset exercise programs and you can also program your own customized workouts.

The modern looking console tells you everything that you want to see in a modern fitness machine. If you have been looking for a modern treadmill for less than a thousand dollars, this machine should be on the top of your list.

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