HOVR (SITFLOW) Under Desk Leg Swing Review – Burn Calories Sitting?

HOVR Leg Desk Swing

The HOVR Under Desk Leg Swing  is a certified and portable product designed to offer a well-rounded exercise solution. Instead of relying on a traditional gym, this leg swing aims to bring the world of fitness straight to your desk.

Is this leg swing the answer to all of your workout goals? Does it provide the type of quality needed in a desk workout solution? This article will provide a review to determine if a leg swing is the answer to your fitness needs.

Before proceeding, there may be confusion regarding the HOVR under desk leg exerciser name.  References to HOVR/Sitflow desk foot swing are  pointing to the same product.


What is an Under Desk Leg Swing?


The premise of an under desk leg swing is to provide a stable, easy to use solution for your workspace. This can be set up under the desk without getting in the way of the chair and/or surrounding environment.

The leg swing functions with both feet being placed on the pedals that come along with it. These pedals provide enough surface space to move the legs in a swinging motion without causing injury.

Before getting more into detail about all what this particular product has to offer, let's take a look at the under desk leg exerciser in action!

What Are the Types of Leg Swings?

Desk Mount vs Floor Stand

HOVR offers two different models of leg swing: a desk mounted and floor stand version.

The desk mount attaches to your desk with a strap and is easily installed. The desk must be wooden and at least 1 inch thick.  In general, the under desk leg swing has to be installed with the desk and has to remain in place for it to be functional.

If attaching to your desk is impossible or you would rather a more portable version, the stand alone floor model works the same.  

HOVR Leg Desk Swing

Although the functionality is the same, the price and portability varies depending the model.  The  floor model with stand is more expensive but you can easily move it.  

How To Use an Under Desk Leg Swing?

A person has to sit down on a chair, place feet on the two pedals, and start swinging them in place. This is done by following the pedal's movement. As soon as the movement starts, it's easy to get the hang of it.

The under desk leg swing is easy to use once it has been installed properly. Please note, it is important to make sure the under desk leg swing has been attached the right way so it helps maintain posture. Otherwise, it may lead to potential discomfort and that's something users want to avoid at all costs. 

HOVR recommends that your knees should not be higher than your hips while seated.

What To Expect With A Leg Swing - Usability and Performance

HOVR Under Desk Leg Swing Features

Finding a solution that's viable, usable, and proven to work is important. Listed are several key features including the following:


HOVR Leg Desk Swing

- Portable
The solution is portable and can be installed and/or removed based on your requirements. Since the brand does have a "floor stand" option, it's okay to go ahead and move around without wasting time. However, individuals wanting something more stable and closer to the desk will enjoy the mounted edition. It's easy to install or remove based on where you're sitting.

If the desk is going to be the same for a long time to come then a mounted option provides tremendous flexibility. Otherwise, the floor stand model is just as competent and ensures a person can move from desk to desk without having to think twice.

- Easy to Use
One of the primary benefits of using the HOVR Under Desk Leg Swing would be its usability.  It is not difficult to use and does not get in the way of your daily routine.

The product takes minutes to install and works well regardless of your needs. Put it into place, sit down, and swing throughout the day.

- Consistent Results
Does it offer value in the long-term?

One of the primary claims made by HOVR is the "20%" fact. This means a person that sits down and uses this leg swing will lose 20% more in calories compared to someone doing nothing.

This is ideal for those wanting to burn a good amount of weight while still being able to work from their desk. In this regard, the consistent burning of calories is going to be a game-changer.

It is a real positive for users and is one of the main bright spots of the product. It works well and it works for a long time.


- NEAT Certified
The Mayo Clinic provides certification to companies whose products meet certain qualifications.

 In essence, being certified by one of the world's finest medical institutions ensures a certain level of quality and is up to standards with modern requirements. 

Neat Certification

Each individual is going to have a unique perspective when it comes to the swing but this is an ideal fit for many people.

It's a proven solution that is backed by the Mayo Clinic and has earned praise for working in a variety of situations without causing problems. 

- Wheel Stopper 
To keep from moving when using with a desk chair with wheels, a brown wheel stopper is provided with the product.  Place the stopper behind the rear wheel of a chair.

- Durable Build Quality
The under desk leg swing is made with high-grade materials so that it will not break down as soon as you sit down. It will handle the rigors of daily use and  does not make a noise.

This is a major plus point for those working in busy environments and want to make sure they don't become a part of the noise pollution. With the HOVR Under Desk Leg Swing, durability is never a problem nor is the noise. It works well and it does its job!

This product's dimensions are 16L x 24H x 24W inches. With the desk mount, the weight is 3.3 pounds and with the floor model, the weight is 8 pounds. 

What is in the Box?

What comes with the product depends on the module that your prefer.

For the desk mount option:

  • Leg Swing Platform
  • Wheel Stopper
  • Black and Blue Straps
  • Hardware for the Desk Mount

For the floor stand model:

  • Leg Swing Platform
  • Wheel Stopper
  • Black Stand - 18.5"H x 22" W x 20" D

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Leg Swing?

Every product has good and bad things associated with it. Here is a rundown of what can be expected from this bike:


  • Easy assembly
  • NEAT certified
  • Mounted and Floor Stand Models available
  • Can be used with all standard desk chairs
  • Affordable


  • Requires installation
  • Cannot be used with non-wooden table
  • There is no place to put a book or tablet while you are working out. This is not the worst thing, but it can be a little inconveniencing for those who would enjoy this benefit

What Are Other Customers Saying?

One customer acknowledges that his joints are less stiff and has burned more calories using the leg swing.

Several customers felt that the product helps tone their legs

One added benefit that several customers report is while using the leg swing, their mood has improved.

Another customer with plantar fasciitis reports that his heel tightness has lessened after using the leg swing.

To quote one happy customer "Other benefits that we have discovered as a family are that the HOVR has the very versatile use as a scale for cars for our toddler."

Who Should Buy A Leg Swing?

If you sit for long periods of time, then this is an inexpensive way to add activity to a sedentary lifestyle

The desk leg swing is made for anyone who sits and/or unable to make time to go to the gym. Instead of sitting for hours in the same spot, you can mix things up and use this product.

The under desk leg swing is an option that proves a person can still sit down and burn calories and exercise at your desk.

Leg Swing For Seniors And Children

Seniors or those with limited mobility are benefiting with the Leg Swing. It is a low impact exercise with no risk of injury with is important for seniors.

The HOVR Leg Swing is used in over 130 schools in the US for increased focus. Additionally, children with ADHD or other sensory issues are also benefiting.

hovr sitflow foot swing

What Is the Science Behind the Product?

Studies conducted by

  • Mayo Clinic
  • University of Tokai
  • University of Illinois

support that using the HOVR Leg Swing burns 20% more calories than static sitting as well as aids in blood circulation, oxygen levels, and other physiological benefits.


Image from hovr.com


Can The Leg Swing Support Sustainable Weight Loss?

According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, the answer is yes. The bottom line is that increasing leg movement even while seated with burn more energy than static sitting. 

Can You Use With A Yoga Ball?

Not recommended.  This makes perfect sense.  Balancing on a yoga ball while moving your legs sounds like an accident waiting to happen!

What Types Of Desks Work Better For the Leg Swing?

The product works on any wooden desk at least 1 inch thick - if you are using the desk mount. 

As long as you have clearance, the floor model will work under any desk.  The swing is 16 inches high and 26 inches wide.

What Types Of Desk Chairs Work Better For the Leg Swing?

The product works on any standard desk chair.  It does not matter if your chair has wheels because the leg swing comes with a wheel stopper.

How Noisy Is the Leg Swing?

It does not make any noise. Of course, if you bang the desk while swinging there will be sound!

Can I  Use My Activity Tracker (Fitbit) With It?

The Misfit Shine tracker was tested with the product.  Since walking burns more calories, HOVR researched and found multiplying the movements by .56 produced an approximate number of steps.

Can You Workout With Bare Feet?

It comes with textured nonslip foot pads.  However, most people wear shoes or socks.

Final Verdict - Should You Buy a Leg Swing?

The answer really depends on you and how much you sit as well as how mobile you are.  This is an option that works in a wide array of situations. It is particularly useful for those less mobile. 

Whether it is the mounted model or the floor stand model, each option comes with a multitude of benefits with positive  Amazon ratings.

Customers enjoy the leg swing. Some customers have one for the home office and a floor model for watching television.

If you prefer a different type of workout, please read my article, Deskercise? Use Under Desk Exercise Equipment For Health And Fitness, for other under desk exercise options. 

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