Elliptical Glider Machine – Is Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle the Best Choice?

gazelle freestyle elliptical machine

An elliptical glider machine is one of the best investments you can make in your fitness routine. It can improve your cardiovascular health and tone your entire body.

Because it incorporates both your lower half and your upper body throughout the entire exercise, it can provide a total body workout.

If you are shopping for an exercise glider, you will likely come across the Gazelle Freestyle by Tony Little. Below, we will provide more information about this particular piece of elliptical exercise equipment in our complete and comprehensive review. 

Our detailed  Gazelle Edge by Tony Little shows why this particular gazelle glider may be just what you need.


Who Is Tony Little?

tony little

Tony Little is a fitness icon. He is not only a certified personal trainer, but he also coins himself as 'America's Personal Trainer.' He is known to promote some of the best fitness products in the industry. 

Why The Tony Little Freestyle Gazelle Exercise Machine?


gazelle freestyle elliptical machine

The Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle is an extremely unique product. It is capable of delivering a gut-busting workout with minimal joint impact.

In fact, it is adaptable to just about every fitness level which makes it the absolute perfect workout machine for many different people.

It offers low-impact resistance which can help to provide muscle strengthening exercise, high caloric burn, and a total body workout without causing significant joint stress like you normally would with such an intense workout. 

The machine itself is capable of offering 10 unique exercises within a single glider machine which makes it incredibly versatile and resourceful.

What Are The Gazelle Exercise Glider Key Features?

Gazelle Exercise Glider Features

Key features of the Freestyle Gazelle workout glider are listed below:

gazelle freestyle



Steel Frame Construction

This gliding machine is made up of 2.25-inch diameter steel bars.

Extra Wide Foot Platforms

It offers extra wide foot platforms which makes it for all foot sizes.

Along with this, the wide foot platform allows for much greater stability while you exercise. Therefore, it can decrease the risk of injury. 

Built-In Statistics

You get real-time feedback for your exercise. It tells you the total workout time, the speed you are traveling, the distance traveled, and the total number of burned calories.

Padded Handles

The handles on this exerciser are thoroughly and comfortably padded which allows for excellent comfort while you are working out.

Good Storage Options

The machine itself isn't small by any means, but it can be folded up easily to allow for easy storage even for those that don't necessarily have a lot of room to work with.

Simple Setup

It offers a very simple and easy setup with detailed instructions. Therefore, you should have no problem getting the entire machine setup and ready to use. 

Gazelle Glider Benefits

1. Versatility 

As mentioned previously, with this single machine, you are getting up to 10 unique workout possibilities. This alone makes the machine invaluable to those that are looking for a complete and total body workout that might be limited in space.

You can do everything from changing the grip options to differentiate muscle involvement. This alone is going to allow you to avoid hitting that common fitness plateaus and to continue to remain interested in the workout routine for a longer time.

With a product with less versatility, you would not only get bored with the workout, but you would also hit a plateau due to having little variance in your fitness routine. You won't have to deal with any of that with the Gazelle. 

2. Durable Build Quality

One of the best things that the Gazelle has going for it is its durable construction. When you are spending this much on a piece of exercise equipment, you want it to last. The entire frame is built using 2-inch diameter steel bars which makes it an exceptionally durable machine. 

3. Warranty

The Gazelle Freestyle Glider comes with a very consumer-friendly 12-month warranty which can put your mind at ease when you are investing in fitness equipment. That way, you know that you are covered for any manufacturer defects that present themselves during your first year of ownership. 

4. Comfortable To Use

This machine comes with extremely comfortable padded handlebars which makes holding onto the handles and using your arms much more comfortable than other machines you might find. Along with the extra wide foot platforms that are ribbed for extra grip, it makes using the machine extremely comfortable.

The machine itself is easy to go from a complete standstill to walking to running without any jerking movements that can cause injury. The transition from going slow to fast is relatively seamless which makes using it for all kinds of workouts very convenient and comfortable. 

5. Built-In Fitness Tracking

gazelle freestyle tracker

If you don't have a fitness tracker device that you wear on a regular basis, you will be able to get all of the data you need to know directly from the machine itself. It provides you with everything that you would want to know about each and every one of your workouts on it.

Therefore, you will be able to easily and effortlessly track all of your workouts that you perform using the Gazelle without having to invest in a third-party fitness wearable device. 

Pros and Cons of The Gazelle Exerciser


  • Very Easy To Assemble
  • Portable For Easy Storage
  • Easy to read LCD computer display
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable


  • No Tension Adjustment
  • No bells and whistles
  • Can Be Noisy

Who Should Buy A Gazelle Freestyle?

This product is ideal for people who:

  • have limited space for exercise equipment but want to workout at home
  • have a limited budget but want a quality exercise glider 
  • want a low impact workout
  • want a safe cardio workout

This machine is targeted at both beginner and intermediate fitness users. It is one of the best machines for those that might be looking for something that can provide a total workout without stressing the joints too much.

Anyone that is looking for cardio workouts is going to get a lot of use out of this machine. It is targeted to keep your heart rate up and to avoid creating muscle fatigue in order to allow you to get in a very long and safe cardio workout.

        If you want a machine that offers a complete workout routine and do not want to invest in a gym membership or a bulky and expensive home gym setup,  this is the perfect option.

Gazelle Edge vs Freestyle vs Supreme

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There are at least 3 flavors of the Gazelle Exercise Machine.  The 3 most popular are the Edge, Freestyle and Supreme.  Each model  

  • folds easily for storage
  • has an LCD display
  • has extra-wide non-skid foot platforms
  • comes with foam padded handles

The Edge was the first model that was introduced to the public.  Next came the Freestyle with a few enhancements.  The Supreme was next.

As you can see from the table, each model has slightly more features and consequently costs more.

The Edge is still quite popular and depending on your needs, it may suffice.

We like the Freestyle because it gives you the extra user weight capacity as well as 10 workout programs.   The Supreme has the patented Soft Glide Technology, but costs more.

What Are Customers Saying About The Elliptical Glider Machine? 

There is a reason this machine is highly rated on the Amazon marketplace.

 A majority of the customers that have purchased this elliptical glider machine have noted that it is extremely versatile and can really be a major positive addition to any fitness routine.

A lot of customers note that the machine provides smooth action versus a lot of the other machines in the same space. Along with this, they note the durable build quality of the gliding machine as a major plus.


Is It An Elliptical?

This machine is not an elliptical in a traditional sense because you are gliding more than climbing.  However, gliders are categorized as  Elliptical Training Machines.

Is It Portable?

It can be easily folded up and placed in storage.  It is, however, 46 pounds.

What Is The Maximum Weight That Can Be Used On It?

This machine is capable of holding up to 300 pounds.

What Parts Of The Body Does The Gazelle Work Out?

The Gazelle targets your arms, calves and legs as well glutes and hamstrings.

Is The Gazelle Good For Cardio?

Anyone that is looking for cardio workouts is going to get a lot of use out of this machine. It is targeted to keep your heart rate up and to avoid creating muscle fatigue in order to allow you to get in a very long and safe cardio workout.

Final Verdict - Is The Freestyle A Buy?

thumbs up

This machine offers you 10 unique workout possibilities in a single machine. It also offers exceptional build quality, fluid movement, and a lot of features for your money.

The Gazelle Glider is easily one of the best value propositions on the home workout machine market. As long as you can deal with the lack of bells and whistles, it can really be a great addition to your home fitness routine.

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