Best Folding Exercise Bike (2021) – Is Space Limiting Your Workout?

XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike, 225 LB Weight Capacity, Cordless, Battery Powered with Solid X-Frame Folding Design, Padded Seat and Handlebars, Adjustable Foot Straps, 8 Levels of Resistance

Are you interested in working out and keeping fit in the comfort of your home? Instead of splurging your hard earned cash on a gym membership that will be rarely used, consider investing in a folding exercise bike.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits associated with the use of exercise bikes, including a low impact cardio workout, a folding variant is also considered to be more affordable, compact and portable than traditional stationary bikes. 

Read on below to learn why using a foldable exercise bike as a home gym is a smart idea. 

In a hurry?  Here's are selections:

What Is A Foldable Exercise Bike?

As the name suggests, a folding exercise bike is simply one that collapses into a light, compact and portable package that is easy to move and/or store. 

As such, you can be able to set up the exercise bike whenever you want to use it, and then fold it down, and store it away, after use. This variant is designed to accommodate the needs of anyone who wants to work out at home, without having to assign a specific part of their house to housing the machine, on a permanent basis.

The machine can be set up in the middle of your living room, and then folded down and conveniently stored out of sight after each workout. 

Our 7 Choices For Best Folding Exercise Bikes

1. Slim Cycle Stationary Bike (Best For A 2-in-1 Solution)

BulbHead As Seen On TV Slim Cycle Stationary Bike, Most Comfortable Exercise Machine, Thick, Extra-Wide Seat & Back Support Cushion, Recline or Upright Position, Twice The Results in Half The Time

If you're after a home exercise machine that combines low impact calorie burning workout with strength building resistance band training allowing you to tone those arm muscles, this is the exercise bike you have been looking for.

Multiple Seating Positions

The first thing you'll notice about this exercise bike is its multiple seating positions that allow you to work your muscles from a variety of angles. You can adjust the seat in different positions which allows you to work out different muscle groups in your body.

Resistance Bands

It comes equipped with built-in resistance bands allowing you to perform strength building exercises along with cardio. With adjustable resistance, you can start low and move up while building your upper body strength. There are a total of 8 resistance levels for your comfort.

Compact and Foldable Design

Not everyone has enough space to keep a big stationary bike and this is why, many buyers prefer this stationary bike as it can be easily folded and stored.

Whether you live in a small house or an apartment, you will never have any problem with storing it. It can be easily folded and has a small footprint which makes it one of the best solutions for smaller spaces.


It is one of the most comfortable stationary bikes in its price range and it is almost completely silent. The 2.5 inches thick cushion and a backrest (memory foam) makes it comfortable to work out.

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Cardio and muscle building in the same bike
  • Durable construction
  • Huge digital display
  • Finding replacement parts might be a challenge in case you need to replace a part. 

For a full review of the the Slim Cycle 2 in 1 Exercise Bike,  read Slim Cycle 2-in-1 Exercise Bike Review – Recumbent AND Upright Bike?

2. Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike with Pulse (Best For Ease of Use)

Exerpeutic Foldable Exercise Bike with Regular Seat

If you're searching for a folding exercise bike that offers a range of workout possibilities with an elegant design, the Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike With Pulse is the bike you have been waiting for.

You get a total of 8 different magnetic tension levels and its compact and folding design makes it easy to use and store.


You get a total of 8 magnetic resistance levels on this upright bike. It's a great choice for beginners as well as intermediates.

Monitor with Pulse Sensor

As should be clear from its name, this bike comes equipped with pulse rate sensors in the handlebars that allow you to monitor your heartbeat and pulse along with many other vitals.

There is a large LCD display that shows you all the vital statistics such as time, speed, calories and distance covered.

Compact Design

It weighs just around 41 pounds and takes minimal space when folded making it one of the best home exercise bikes. It is made from heavy duty steel and should last a long time.

Perfect for Apartments

It is not meant for dedicated cyclists but it's a great piece of exercise equipment for beginners and for those who just want to keep in shape.

The included pulse sensor mean you do not need to buy any other monitoring equipment to get the vitals while exercising.

  • Compact design
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Affordable
  • Pulse sensors in the handlebar
  • Not meant for short people (below 5 feet)

3. Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright bike (Best For Heavy Users)

Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike with 400 lbs Weight Capacity

If you're searching for an upright exercise bike with high user capacity, excellent aesthetics and solid feel, your search should end with the .

This bike is an upgraded version of the popular Exerpeutic 1200 but it is still affordable and designed for heavy users who would like to work out in the comfort of their home.

High Weight Capacity

One of the biggest limitations of foldable exercise bikes is that they have a low weight capacity but this particular model comes with a rated weight capacity of 400 pounds.

This is due to the heavy duty steel frame which contains 20% more steel as compared to the 1200 model. However, it is still easy to handle at 51.6 pounds which makes it easy to use and fold.

Excellent Design

One of the things that stands out in this bike is its seat. The seat has a flat design but you will struggle to find similar quality seat in more expensive models.

It is 14 inches wide and 9 inches long and provides enough cushion for long term workout. The handlebar is equipped with built-in pulse sensors and offers multiple grips.

8 Levels of Resistance

This bike features 8 levels of magnetic resistance that is easy to change. The resistance levels are adequate for light to medium cardio workout.

The resistance levels are dependent on tension of the resistance cable which means if the final resistance rating isn't enough for you, you can make it harder by adjusting the tension of the resistance cable.

Drive System

This bike features a small flywheel but the wheel is balanced and does not ever touch the brake pad which makes pedaling smooth even at the highest resistance rating. The belt drive system is relatively maintenance free and provides smooth pedaling experience and makes the bike extremely quiet.

  • Has a small footprint
  • Foldable design makes it excellent for a small apartment
  • Comfortable seat
  • Handlebar offers multiple grips with built-in pulse sensors
  • Low maintenance
  • The pulse tracking isn't the most accurate but works for beginners

4. Lanos Folding Exercise bike (Best for Everyone in the Family)

LANOS Workout Bike For Home - 2 In 1 Recumbent Exercise Bike and Upright Indoor Cycling Bike Positions, 10 Level Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike, Foldable Stationary Bike Machine, Fitness Bike

This 2 in one stationary exercise bike from Lanos is the perfect foldup exercise bike for apartment or office with a max weight capacity of 330 pounds. With a height range of 4'5" to 6'5", it can be used by almost everyone.


The most noteworthy feature of this folding exercise bike is it design making it an upright as well as a recumbent bike.

Use it as a recumbent bike when you are looking for a more comfortable experience which helps in eliminating muscle soreness and in reducing body fat whereas the upright mode allows you to improve your cardio fitness and boost your heart rate.

10 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

There are a total of 10 resistance levels to choose from which means you will never have to worry about not enough resistance. Whether you are recovering from an injury or you are a senior, you will find a resistance level suitable for your needs.

Built-In Sensors

This stationary bike is equipped with built-in pulse rate sensors in the handlebars that allow you to track your heart rate pulse. The large digital monitor also shows you the distance covered, calories burned, time as well as speed.

Small Footprint

It's a well-designed exercise bike that can be used in 3 different positions including upright, semi-stationary and recumbent modes but it can still be easily folded and stored.

Folding and unfolding is extremely easy. It comes equipped with transportation wheels which allow you to move it easily from one place to another.


The company stands behind their product and offers a full refund or a new exercise bike in case you are not 100% satisfied with your new exercise bike.

  • 3 different modes of exercise
  • Compact design
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • 10 resistance levels
  • Built-in pulse sensors and handlebars
  • The lightweight construction might make it wobbly for some users.

5. Ancheer Folding Exercise Bike (Best For Space Saving)

ANCHEER Rowing Machine, Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor

This ultra compact folding exercise bike is the perfect exercise equipment for people looking for home fitness with 10 levels of resistance.

Sturdy Construction

It is made from highly durable high quality steel that meets the ASTM standard and SGS certification. The X-type design keeps the bike perfectly balanced.

One thing you will notice right away about this exercise bike is its wide seat which is 20% bigger than similar bikes on the market. It is 13 inches wide and 9.4 inches long offering excellent support for long ride times.

Easy to Use

It comes with a decently size LCD console that displays calories, pulse, time, distance and speed. The handlebar is equipped with pulse sensors which helps in making your workouts more effective.

There is a built-in tablet stand which means you can use your phone or your tablet on your bike while working out.

10 Different Resistance Levels

It comes equipped with 10 levels of magnetic resistance providing enough resistance for everyone. Also, the seat height is adjustable and can be adjusted up to 6 levels.

Easy Assembly

The assembly is easy and should take you a maximum of 30 minutes as the directions provided with the package are excellent and straightforward.

  • Value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • 10 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Console is pretty basic.

6. Marcy Foldable Exercise bike (Best for the Price)

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike with Adjustable Resistance for Cardio Workout and Strength Training NS-652

The Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike is an upright bike and is a perfect piece of exercise equipment for cardio workout in a compact package. With 8 levels of magnetic resistance control, you will find plenty of options to keep yourself busy while working out on this basic exercise bike.

Heavy-Duty Construction

It is made from 14 gauge steel which makes it highly durable. It should last you long time when maintained properly.

Adjustable Resistance

This exercise bike features 8 preset levels of magnetic resistance. You just need to turn the resistance knob to choose the desired level of resistance.

Adjustable Seat Height

The seat height can be easily adjusted with the help of knob located under the seat and you can adjust the seat height from 28 inches to 33 inches.

Smooth Operation

This bike is not designed for avid cyclists but the resistance levels are enough to give you 30 to 60 minutes of quality cardio workout a few times a week. It offers smooth and quiet ride.

  • Compact space saving design
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Pretty basic

7. Xterra Fitness FB250 Folding Exercise Bike (Value for Money)

XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike, 225 LB Weight Capacity, Cordless, Battery Powered with Solid X-Frame Folding Design, Padded Seat and Handlebars, Adjustable Foot Straps, 8 Levels of Resistance

If you are searching for an exercise bike to get in better shape, this is the perfect exercise equipment that does not take too much space. It measures only 18.1 x 18.1" when folded and comes with built-in transport wheels.

Quiet Operation

This exercise bike features a 3.3 pounds precision balanced flywheel which means you can watch TV or your phone or tablet while working out as it is completely quite. It also ensures maintenance free operation.

8 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

This exercise bike features 8 levels of magnetic resistance levels that can be simply controlled with the help of a huge dial. The LCD panel is easy to read and displays pulse rate, time, calories burned, distance covered and speed..

Built-in Heart Rate Pulse Sensors

The handles feature built-in heart rate pulse sensors that monitor your heart rate when you are using the exercise bike.

Adjustable Seat Height

The seat height can be easily adjusted and this exercise bike can be used by most users from 4'10" to 5'10" in height and weighing up to 225 pounds. Also, the seat is thick which will keep you comfortable for a long period of time.

  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Pulse sensors in the handlebars
  • Large seat
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Replacement parts are not easy to find

Are Foldable Exercise Bikes Any Good?

Now that you have a clear understanding of what a folding exercise bike is, read on to find out some of the main reasons why you should consider buying one . 


As previously stated, a folding exercise bike is lightweight and portable. Once it is folded down, this piece of gym equipment can be carried around easily. 

With this in mind, you can enjoy using your portable exercise bike wherever you want to use it. For instance, you can use it at home, or even carry it to the office and work out whenever you have the time to do so, without interrupting your regular routine. 

Keep in mind a portable exercise bike is not necessarily a folding one.  Many home exercise bikes come with transportation wheels making them easier to move.  They are not necessarily folding exercise bikes.

On the other hand, all foldup exercise bikes are portable. 

Compact Design

Folding exercise bikes are designed to be highly compact. When set up and ready for use, these machines occupy very little space, thanks to their small footprint.

When folded down, a folding exercise bike becomes even smaller and can be stored out of sight, in the smallest of spaces.  Pictured is the Xterra Fitness FB350.  It folds to just 20.5" x 20" of floor space .

Simply put, to own and use this piece of innovative gym equipment you do not need to have a huge amount of floor space.

Perfect for those who live in small apartments, where space is at a premium, portable exercise bikes can be set up and used in small spaces, and require an even smaller space for storage!

Affordable Cost

When it comes to buying home gym equipment, cost is a huge factor. If you have been thinking of investing in a home gym, but are working with a limited budget, consider investing in a folding exercise bike. 

The compact and lightweight design of these machines translates into the use of fewer materials. This ultimately lowers the production cost, and with it, the final retail price.

In fact, the most basic folding exercise bikes, with minimal features, are fairly affordable. However, if you want a feature rich model, you should be ready to cough up more money!

Factors To Consider when Buying A Folding Exercise Bike

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider investing in a folding exercise bike for your home gym.

However, to ensure that you get the most out of your investment, it is essential that you choose the best model by considering a few important factors when shopping around. 

Keep the following factors (features) in mind when shopping for the right folding exercise bike:

Individual Needs 

When shopping around you will find both foldable upright and foldable recumbent exercise bikes. While the former is great for younger users looking for a more demanding workout, the latter is great for older users, or those with joint or mobility issues. 

Sturdy Construction

As you will learn when shopping around, the most affordable folding bikes are not the sturdiest in terms of construction. If you intend to get heavy use out of your portable exercise bike, it’s recommended that you choose a heavier and sturdier model. Such a bike is bound to be more stable and durable. 

Resistance Type

 Different folding exercise bikes use different types of resistance systems, including magnetic, friction, fan and flywheel. Magnetic resistance systems, which are also maintenance free, are the quietest and also lightest of these available options, making them great for use in a home environment. 

Ease Of Use

 The foldable nature of portable exercise bikes is also their biggest draw. However, some bikes are easier to set up as well as fold down than others. 


 Another important factor to consider when shopping for the best portable exercise bike is comfort. If you want to enjoy riding your exercise bike, you should at least look for a model that comes with a comfy seat with adjustable height. 

Additional Features

While most bikes come with a variety of basic features, such as an LCD screen with calories burned, speed and distance, additional features, such as virtual terrains that mimic real bike riding and a heart rate monitor are available on more advanced models. 


A folding exercise bike is exactly what you need to work out at home without having to spend too much money or set apart space for home gym equipment. The foldable design of these stationary bikes makes carrying and storing them away easy and effortless. 

Since all folding exercise bikes are not created equal, it is essential that you consider some important factors when shopping for the right model, as per your specific needs.

 After you find the right folding exercise bike, you can enjoy all of the fitness related benefits of using stationary bikes, and more!

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